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Hi there!!

I am a Houston based  Abstract Artist, Creative Stylist &  self taught photographer.

I was raised in the English countryside,  lived in Scotland for 10 years, Oman for 6 years and now USA for the last 9  years.


I believe my love of art and collecting started from a very young age. Often caught hauling home bags of goodies from my local village Jumble Sale. Vintage furs, winklepicker shoes and all number of weird and wonderful objects that caught my eye.

 Over the years,  I have developed my own natural style around a very neutral and organic aesthetic; incorporating natural tones and textures, vintage items , and an ecelectic mix of new and old and pieces collected on my travels. This is evident in the styling of my own home and also in the abstract art pieces that I create.

I create pieces of Art with a neutral and earthy palette. I get my inspiration from the neutrality of nature and the weathered patina that the seasons bring forth. I aim to evoke a sense of peace in my artwork whilst incorporating an aged feel and texture that time creates.

My process involves light textures and many layers of paint rubbed back and finished with washes of muted color. My work evokes both tranquil and turbulent mood and seasons. Timeless and reflective and often inducing a feeling of a distant memory or lost experience.

My creativity can be seen in my past work as a Creative Stylist and Photographer.

You can see some examples of work on my site under "Styling Work".

I have been privileged to have worked with many local Houston companies making their products look beautiful.

I have  styled for the Houston cookbook 'Houston Cooks', and have written, styled and photographed for Edible Magazine, Houston.

My Prop Styling profile is appeared in coffee table book by NYC Stylist, Robin Zachary 'Styling Beyond Instagram'. 

My Art has appeared in Doug King's Art Folio 2022

If my style speaks to you then I would love you to visit my Art & Creative Portfolio on this site - or contact me with your creative project requests. 

Tina Xxx

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