Coming new collection of artwork!!


 'The Pace of Nature'

I am beyond excited to be creating this collection especially for you.

There will be 16 gorgeous earthy, neutral and natural pieces in many various sizes and each one has been created with the timeless and reflective feel that nature brings.

As always, I tend towards a muted color palette with inspiration being drawn from the neutrality of nature and the weathered patina that each season brings forth.


I love to evoke a sense of peace with misty fluid earthy washes whilst sometimes incorporating an aged feel and texture that time creates.


My transitional textures and colors come together to produce pieces that are introspective with a natural presence that is found within the images that emerge from the surface. Some pieces are bolder and stronger and some misty and calm with a beachy vibe. I strive to evoke a mood of tranquillity and solace - one that we find when outdoors with nature. 

My process involves using acrylic paint and fluids, limestone powder, coffee grounds, pigments, inks, pastel and charcoal.

If you would like a preview when the collection is complete please contact me at or instagram @tinahuntartstudio.

In the meantime please follow along on insta for reels showing my process and glimpses of this collection.

Much love

Tina Xx